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Making Decisions With Your Heart, Not Your Head #RichTV

 It’s a crazy realization when you notice that most of the people that have the means to help others are often the same people who desire success for the power and not from a source of love or happiness.  In my opinion this is a personal characteristic that comes from a build up of all of the memories and pain that it took for them to achieve what they have. If you ask me, there’s always another way to look at things. Personally, I would always choose to take my own painful story and empathize with the fact that I’m not the only one who’s forced to fight their way to success, whatever the success may be. And I would notice that the people that want success for reasons that don’t involve helping others are a major part of the reason why achieving success is as difficult as it is. Which is ironic considering not one person can honestly say they’ve made their dreams a reality ALONE. If there weren’t for people that have supported you, opened doors for you, and even just believed in you whether vocally or not, none of us would advance in the world.  And to add on to that, anyone with a good heart can understand the level of appreciation that you feel when someone, whoever it may be, is willing to help you become even one step closer to what truly makes you happy and what you dream of at night.  So why not return the favor for someone else?  For someone else who’s done nothing to deserve the fight that they’re in, just like you didn’t if you’re in a position to do so? I mean that’s seemingly the right thing to do, right?  But instead that’s where the conflict comes into play. The decision between doing what we feel is right versus doing what we feel someone else would do.

Unfortunately, all of us weren’t raised the same…and it’s much easier to fall victim to what most people would do rather than taking the harder route of figuring out exactly what we feel in our own hearts, unless taught to. The result of most people taking the easy route makes it tougher for the people who actually DO want to spread love and help others achieve what truly makes them happy ALSO.  Even better than that they usually just want to make the world a better place. There’s no wonder the happiest people we know are those who love helping others. Why? Because one thing we ALL as humans have a need for is LOVE. Our heads lie to us all the time, and hold on to everything that we’ve been through…our hearts never lie.  I pray for the day when most people follow their hearts rather than the vision their mind gathers up after all of the influence and pain that has shaped them. And I pray to be part of the reason people realize all of this. Because I know what it’s like not to have guidance or help when it’s the only thing needed to achieve true happiness. And I know what it’s like to want to give and not be able to because those who have came before you aren’t willing. And I’ll never accept the belief that it HAS to be that way…



With love,


Rich Morrow

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