Welcome to my outlet...a place where I can express myself through writing, vlogs, and by just being me a kid from Cleveland, Ohio making sense of it all.

Vlogs on the way soon #RichTV

As I'm getting closer towards the date I head back to Los Angeles I'm becoming more and more motivated as I get to go back to a lifestyle I'm not used to. I'll be sharing vlog's soon on all I have coming up and exactly what that means but I'll be doing my best to keep things as real and raw as possible. To show what reaaaally goes on behind clothes doors to make it in the entertainment industry, at least from my view. Vlogs will be posted here on #RichTV and I'll even be sure to post about what exactly #RichTV is and my vision for it all. Hope everyone's having a blessed day!! Until thennnnnnn.... 

Rich Morrow#RichTV