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1st Blog Post. "The Angel's Growth"

Recently I was inspired by a friend of mine...that sparked a poem about the overall growth process most of us overcome. I hope you enjoy, all comments are appreciated!!!

"The Angel's Growth"

How is pain beautiful?

Well you take a kid from a place where very little has grown...where nothing has ever grown big enough for others around the world to turn their heads for.  You take that same kid that has no inspiration and you put them through the toughest of circumstances, why? Because that kid prays every night that they become someone bigger than they are, that's why. Whether the kid knows it or not, he or she is already bigger than they see themselves in the mirror every day. The problem, however, is that the pain of their situation and the lack of ability to understand the strength they behold lasts as long as it it takes for the kid to learn. Thus blinding the kid from seeing each situation as a lesson rather than a ceiling preventing them from growth. But this only lasts until the day someone bigger than them (in the kid's eyes) recognizes the beauty in the kid's vulnerability.  In that moment the kid is now put in a position where they realize that they are not the only ones who had to endure pain to locate their potential. In fact, everyone they feel they must look up to has had a painful story.

And from that day forward the kid will never be the same, for they now understand the only way they could become the bigger person they've prayed to see in the mirror is to be put in a circumstance where they would have no choice but to think from the bigger person's perspective. Over time the kid undergoes this process from many different angles, sharpening their view and putting everything that was once unclear into focus. Slowly beating away at the ceiling that was once above them...until one morning they come across a mirror. After a double-take they recognize that the person they've been searching for has been inside of them all along, and that the pain was the only way for them to understand their own strength and capability. Better yet, it taught them to see what is right in front of them forever. Beautiful.


With love,

Rich Morrow

Rich Morrow