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What I love most about acting is it allows me to learn about myself through the eyes of other people. Not just on camera, but daily. In case you didn't know...acting is my wife and I fell in love with her in 2013. Our relationship couldn't be any stronger. 

Create Positivity - Adidas

Full Create Positivity Campaign. Summer 2017. (Click in 1080 HD)

Fantasy Football Draft Party at Dave & Buster's!

Dave and Busters College Game Day Commercial Summer 2017.

Create Positivity - adidas Futbal

Summer 2017 Adidas Commercial. (Click in 1080 HD)

2017 Drama Reel

Some dramatic clips halfway through 2017. (Click in 720 HD)

Comedic Reel 2017

I guess I'm funny sometimes. July 2017. (Click in HD)

"Building Legacy"

Inspired by the kids in Watts, California; me and a couple of my friends Columbia Tatone (Dir.) and Doug Porter (DP) set out to make a film to inspire anyone to develop their own legacy regardless of your situation.

Reshoevn8r Episode 1: Clean Up Your Act (Directed and Written by Jordan Kennedy-Smith)

A hilarious start to a series of sketches for Reshoevn8er Premium Shoe Care Co. Co-Star: Ana Marte

My Team My Colors Kyle Schwarber

My 2nd National Commercial of 2017 with Chicago Cubs player Kyle Schwarber. (He's an Ohio boy so I didn't feel as bad not being able to rep the Indians)

DICK'S Sporting Goods Presents: Open Everywhere (Commercial)

In January of 2017 I booked 2 commercials back to back weeks for the first time. I rode around on this bus for 4 hours for this one. Oh yeah..go INDIANS (not Cubs!!) 

The Light for The Unsettled (Written and Directed by Jordan Kennedy-Smith)

Check out my latest short film, a dark piece about the struggles of a relationship through the eyes of betrayal and pain.

Your Unlimited Starts Now

My latest work with Nike as I'm featured alongside the phenomenal Serena Williams! 


Nike Sustainable Innovation - More with Less

My first commercial with Nike! A 13-hour shoot in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles using basketball, my vehicle thus far in life, to help me live out my dreams. It doesn't get much better.

KUSHION Bluetooth Speaker, BIG SOUND.

1/3 Commercials I acted and did the voice-over for Kushion.

KUSHION Bluetooth Speaker, CONNECT

2/3 Commercials for Kushion. 


3/3 Commercials for I did for Kushion.


"Unexpected" (Short Film)

My first short film, written and directed by the multi-talented McKinson Souverain. He wrote, directed, and edited this short in a span of 48 hours. Now that's talent. Can't forget my boy Tpindell who plays the lead. 


Director - @mckinson 

Tpindell - @Tpindell

Steven's Date Movie

A fun sketch where I play a crazed director on a blind date written and directed by Ilyssa Peltz. A middle school and high school friend of mine making a name in the entertainment industry! 

Sanchez Kane LA Fashion Week SS16

SS16 Walking for Sanchez Kane in LA Fashion Week. The orange wig I had to wear was hand-made by a Mexican tribe where the designer grew up and was a hit for the show.

Barbara I Gongini SS16

Walking for Barbara Gongini in LA Fashion Week. A nordic designer that brought a one of a kind European edge to the show. 

I Love My Mama (Mother's Day)

Showing my love for my mama...not a whole lot more I can say in this Mother's Day video with my boy Ty! @Headleety


Shot & Edited by Danny Pollack @AtaraxyStudios


Emotions of Fervor

A powerful visual poem written and directed by someone I'm privileged to call a friend, Jordan Kennedy-Smith. 

Director - @jordanmychalblessed

Baby You Music Video

My first music video with the lovely Ali Westhollywood for her song "Baby You" shot at Point Dume in beautiful Malibu, California. 


Artist- @Aliwesthollywood